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Dec_20 Waiting for Magic . . .

There is another type of waiting I’ve become familiar with in creating my paintings. It has more to do with magic and trusting the synchronicity of the moment.

I was working on a round 16”diameter painting called "Coming Forth" and was liking where it was going. But it didn’t feel finished to me. The theme of the painting was about becoming visible - daring to be seen - stepping out of our natural comfort zone and "coming forth." The painting was in the space of "wanting" to be visible, but was still "in hiding." I hadn’t yet figured out what to do next.

Coming Forth

I put it aside and waited. It hung on the art wall for over a week. During that time I received two envelopes in the mail. Both of them were filled with feathers that friends had sent me for my art. I had a delightful time looking through them and making a mental inventory of the new feathers in my collection. Then I put them away with my supplies and thought nothing more about them.

Several days later, it came to me suddenly. The Peacock feathers that both envelopes contained were the perfect symbol of boldly being conspicuous and noticeable. They contained the missing piece of energy that was needed. So, I selected a couple of feathers from each of the two envelopes and proceeded to complete the piece.


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