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Dec_23 Retrospective: Paintings from 500 to 599

My 500th painting was created in May 2019 and my 599th painting on  June 2020. This series also took just under a year to complete. So again, I am noticing that I seem to create 100 paintings in roughly a year consistently. Here is a selection of paintings, in order, that demonstrate the journey of the fifth hundred paintings.

As I look over this one hundred grouping, I am stuck by the boldness and confidence that I see reflected in my work. I suppose this is a natural result of having completed so many earlier paintings and having developed skills and a comfort with the materials as well as having had my art so well received.

These paintings were all done during the lockdown and hints of that come through. For example, I enjoyed doing 500 and 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzles during this time, and naturally, some of the puzzle pieces found their way onto canvases.

The other element that appears here is cicada wings that Paul found for me and they too wanted to be added to canvas.


I’d be very interested to hear if you observe any other similarities found in this set of 100 paintings.

Gwen with "Birth Out of Chaos"

Madelyn with "Growth"

Lyn with "Far Sighted"

Susan with "Peaceful"

Danielle with "Homeward Bound"

Shay with "Wave Length"

"Puzzling Life Mysteries"

Fraidy with "Silver to Gold"

"God Rays"

"Alive and Growing"

Leslie with "L'chaim"

Sam with Pam and "Transitioning"

Amanda with "Direction"


Natasha with "Reaching & Striving"


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