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Oct_23 Retrospective: Paintings from 300 to 399

My 300th painting was created in April 2017 and my 399th painting in May 2018. This series took just over a year’s time, similar in time frame to the 200’s painting series.

Here is a sequential selection of paintings that demonstrate the journey of the third hundred paintings. I am continuing to explore the various ways of using bleeding tissue paper and combining it with regular tissue paper, mylar, threads, feathers, and other found objects. I find this tissue paper to have endless possibilities and it is fascinating and captivating. I marvel at the variety that comes from this medium as a base.

Beth with "Lighten Up"

Yvette with "Community"

Geordie with "The Search"

Alexandra with "Beginning"

Amanda with "Effortless Growth and Success"

Madeleine with "Aspects of Love"

Bella with "Come Together"

Beth with "Flight Path"


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