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Jun_24 Found Objects: Part One - Feathers!

When I began painting, I felt drawn to using various "found objects" which is one reason why my art is in the category of "mixed media." I remember my very first "feathered" painting. Paul and I were away at a summer rental cottage in July 2015. I was caught up in the flow of painting when my husband returned from a walk holding up a beautiful blue jay feather. It was just what I needed to complete the piece of art I was working on!

July 2015 - Feather in My Cap

After this first experience, I found myself turning towards the feather collection that I had gathered over many years, and began using them in various paintings. Because of this, I naturally found myself adding more feathers to my collection and actively looking for them whenever I was out in nature. I was positively delighted when various friends, observing what I was doing, started gathering feathers and gifting them to me. Now I have a wonderful varied collection to choose from that has come from far and wide.


I love how the feathers bring a special energy to each painting that adds significantly to the overall impact. Here are just a few of the other "feathered" paintings in the order that they were created.

July 2016 - Three Feathers

November 2017 - Flutter

January 2018 - Effortless Growth and Success

August 2018 - Down to Earth

July 2019 - Summer Breeze

May 2020 - Direction

December 2020 - Together Forever

April 2021 - Easy Passage

November 2022 - Fanning the Flame

February 2023 - Moving Peacefully

November 2023 - Fun, Free and Easy

Over the years I have used various other "found’ objects," but feathers have consistently been one of my favorite items to include. The next blog will explore other "found objects."


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