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Nov_23 Retrospective: Paintings from 400 to 499

My 400th painting was created in May 2017 and my 499th painting in April 2019. This series took just under a year’s time to complete. So what I am noticing is that I seem to consistently create 100 pain1ngs in roughly a year’s time.

Here is a selection of paintings, in order, that demonstrate the journey of the fourth hundred paintings. It is interesting for me to look at this series and see how I continued to work with bleeding tissue paper creating a seemingly endless variety of subtleties using this method. I also continued to introduce other media in combinations. I have become less involved with pouring media and it appears much less frequently in this series. In the previous series, I had just begun working with more unusual colors such as gold, copper, brass, and silver. In this series, I have expanded my experimentation with these colors, finding new and interesting ways to use them.

Jeannine with "The Key"

Madonna with "Authentic Self"

Julie with "Way Out There"

Beth with "Life Lessons"

Amy with "Enigma"

Stacey with "Descending"

Rita with "And So It Begins"

Peter and Kaitlin with "Glorious"

Barb with "Elemental"

Betty with "Wings"

Aleza with "Ascension"

Beth with "Rough Waters"

If you notice anything in particular that makes this series unique in your eyes, I’d be very interested in hearing from you. Next month we’ll move into the 500’s series.


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