"Sway" with Kim.
"Worthiness" with Michelle.
"Starburst" with Shira.
"Sway" with Kim.
Lori with "Opening and Entering."
Courtney and Tyler with "Lightening" and "Dawning Awareness."
Raymond with "Paradigm Shift."
Christine with "The Way In!"
Sam with Pam and "Transiting."
Jenny with "Expecting."
Erin with "Emergence."
"Unfurling" with Lindsay.
KarKarina and Joy with "Aspirations."
Charlotte with "Ascendant."
Jen with "Rise and Shine."
Shay, Shay and "Wave Length."
Tamara with "A Time to Smile."
Charlean with "Contrast."
Sheila with "Interstellar."
Sheila with "Genesis."