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Dayna Adams with "From the Shadows."
Tom with "Soft Approach."
Beth with "Moving Peacefully."
Beth with "Choices Abound."
"Loud and Soft" with Beth.
Cherrie with "Basking."
"Drawn to the Love" with Cherylann.
Cherylann with "Love and Light."
Cherylann with "Bursting Forth."
Beth with "Falling into Place."
Roisin with "Ablaze."
Shawnee with "Melodious."
Kim with "Surfacing."
Sheila with "Altering Course."
Melissa with "Action."
Ashley with "Waiting."
Al with "Swing Your Partner."
Emily with "Swing Your Partner."
Alexa with "Free Spirited."
Getty with "Embracing."
Marli with "No Strings Attached."
Carly with "Present."
Shira with "Universal Truth."
Hugh with "Fast Forward."
Jeanine with "Grounded and Connected."
Jeanine with "Peaceful Passage."
Sandi with "Growing."
Jeanine with "Audacious."
Hugh with "Rolling Hills."
Jeanine with "Fly Me to the Moon."
Gitty Libovits with "I matter."
Tina with "Sky's the Limit."
Kai Cheng with "Magical."
Sasha with "Generations."
Roisin with "Portal of the Deep" and "You Brighten My Day"
Tricia with "Ever Changing."
Roisin with "Love is Everywhere."
"Shimmering Truth" with Danielle.
"Heaven Sent" with Sheila.
"Sway" with Kim.
"Worthiness" with Michelle.
"Starburst" with Shira.
"Sway" with Kim.
Lori with "Opening and Entering."
Courtney and Tyler with "Lightening" and "Dawning Awareness."
Raymond with "Paradigm Shift."
Christine with "The Way In!"
Sam with Pam and "Transiting."
Jenny with "Expecting."
Erin with "Emergence."
"Unfurling" with Lindsay.
KarKarina and Joy with "Aspirations."
Charlotte with "Ascendant."
Jen with "Rise and Shine."
Shay, Shay and "Wave Length."
Tamara with "A Time to Smile."
Charlean with "Contrast."
Sheila with "Interstellar."
Sheila with "Genesis."
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