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May_24 Becoming an Artist: Part Three

It took me a while to realize that my guides were once again supporting me and helping me, this time with each artistic creation. The joy that filled me was similar to the joy I had always felt when I was working with my groups of students. This time it was more private and personal! Spirit comes through me and guides me as I create. People have told me that when they see a painting of mine it calls to them, almost as if it was made for them. I believe that this is true. I believe that these paintings are created to help people on their journeys - to inspire them, encourage them, and support them. The guides that helped me could be their guides working together with my guides. But what is dramatic to me is how many people feel drawn to a painting and feel the pull to have it be in their homes and lives.  Here is what a recent purchaser wrote

Your paintings are full of texture, colour, life and energy.  Different ones seem to speak directly to my soul - some are very free, abandoned; some are powerful and brave; some are tender; some are spiritually emergent.  I love looking at them and seeing which ones speak to me at that moment in time - which ones vibrate what kinds of energy within me.


It was 2014 when I first stepped into the role of artist. I am delighted to find myself there. I am still working as a psychotherapy trainer of Psychodramatic Bodywork®. It has been a long and fascinating journey to this place of balance that I now embody. I look forward to seeing how this continues to unfold and I am happy to share this with you in these blogs.


Here are some photos of me in my small art room in the act of creation and having a great deal of fun!


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