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Feb_24 Paintings from 700 to 799

My 700th painting was created on March 9, 2021, and my 799th painting on November 22, 2022. This series also took almost nine months which is less time than other 100s. So, it was a lot of productivity in a short time.


As I look over this one-hundred grouping, I am stuck by the quantity of sparkles that are evident. Although I do love to use a variety of shiny and sparkly materials, this grouping seems to highlight them. These paintings display that aspect very well . . .

Today I will Sparkle and Shine 


Invitation to Change


In contrast to the light and sparkly painting, there is a second aspect that is equally present. There is also some recognition of the ambiguity of life and examining all aspects of creation. There is an unabashed exploration of the relationship between light and darkness demonstrated in these paintings.


Finding Our Way



Dancing Roots

Awe and Wonder

Dawning Awareness

This particular painting seems to embrace both aspects beautifully so I thought I’d end this blog showing you this one . . .

Heaven Sent with Sheila

Heaven Sent



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