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Jan_24 Retrospective: Paintings from 600 to 699

My 600th painting was created June 4, 2020 and my 699th painting on March 8, 2021. This series also took just under a year. I continue to notice my level of productivity is about 100 paintings in roughly a year.

As I look over this one-hundred grouping, I am struck by the sense of flow and movement that is evident in many of these paintings. There is a confidence and boldness that comes through in some of the dramatic contrasts in this series. These two paintings below seem to demonstrate all of those qualities.

Beth with "Boldly"

Steacy with "God, Here I am, I am All Yours"

Here is a selection of paintings, in order, that encapsulate the journey of the sixth hundred paintings. I’d be very interested to hear if you observe any other qualities or themes found in this set of 100 paintings.

Christine with "The Way In"

Tina with "Breakthrough"

Amanda with "Golden Depths"

Sheila with "Genesis"

Yehuda with "Wonders Ahead"

Kim with "Electric"

Sandi with "Growing"

Harvey with "Throwing Caution to the Wind"

Arlene with "Wisdom"

Gitty with "Embracing"

Karina and Joy with "Aspirations"

Cherylann with "Drawn to the Love"


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