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Nov_20 The purpose of waiting . . .

When I am in my studio, I sometimes find myself stopped - unable to proceed.

One simple reason is that paint (or other media) might need to dry before adding more layers. This is the reality behind these paintings.

This painting has drywall compound and then later "crackle" compound. Both layers required time to set before proceeding.


These three paintings have several items (including tape in the third example) glued onto the surface. This could only happen after the underlying paint had dried. This layering adds a great deal of interest to the painting.


Circle Around

Power of Prayer

This painting, "Graceful," has four easy to see layers. Each one had its own waiting period. First is a layer of paint, next is tissue paper, followed by painted mylar shapes and then threads.


Another reason for waiting is to complete preparation that is essential for the next step. In this painting, called "Unspooling," I had an old wooden spool of yellow thread that I wanted to affix to the painting. It required that my "handyman" husband cut the spool in half for me. So that required me to wait for him to complete that task.


These two reasons for waiting are totally understandable and many of you, I am sure you have experienced something similar in your area of work. The next blog will address the issue of

"Waiting for the Magic."

Here are a couple of pictures of me in that process of "waiting" . . .


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