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Apr_22 The Painting That Wanted To Change . . .

I completed this painting in September 2021. If you recall, we were headed towards yet another Winter of COVID-19 restrictions. Fears were rising. I found myself connected to the overwhelming fear in the environment and this painting was my experience of life at that time. This is what I wrote about that painting in terms of its spiritual message. I was believing that we need to face the darkness/fear to bring it to the light.


Here we see fear moving firmly forward and attempting to occlude the light, joy and serenity. Fear is powerful and can indeed fill our being easily. It’s up to us to remember that our birthright is love and when we access that, it can dissipate the fear. Love underlies everything and we can go directly to whatever sources of love nourishes us . . . including people, nature and Spirit. My wish for you today is that you get the support you need to dispel your fears!

I felt unsettled when I looked at this painting. I found the darkness overwhelming and although the message was a hopeful one in terms of love dissipating the fear, it still felt that in this painting the fear was prevailing. I sat with this painting for months. As you might recall, I stopped painting entirely for a couple of months at this time. I was wrestling with my own fears and despair and didn’t feel filled with love and light.

Now that I’m back painting again, I found myself returning to thoughts of this painting and made the decision that if the painting was staying on my mind to such an extent, then it wasn’t finished and it needed changes made so that it didn’t emphasize the power of fear.

Recently, I decided to listen to the painting’s request. I took the painting off the wall in my basement gallery and brought it upstairs to my art studio where I proceeded to paint over it. The original painting is still visible, but the message is changed. I used lots of gold and found myself filled with delight as I transformed the fear and darkness in the painting to golden waves of love and light. I feel great joy and relief when I see the transformed painting. Not only did the colours change, but the orientation of the painting had to change as well so that it’s now vertical and uplifting. Here is the painting and the message that comes with it. Enjoy!

Waves of Glory

It is indeed our birthright to receive Spirit’s love which comes in constant waves toward us. There is a false belief that we can either be focused on the fears and challenges of daily life, or on the blessings of Spirit in our daily lives. I invite you to contemplate finding a way to meet these same challenges while staying connected to the waves of love that are surrounding and embracing us in every moment. That is my wish for you today!


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