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Aug_23 Retrospective: The Paintings from 100 to 199

My 100th painting was created in August 2015 and my 199th painting on April 2016. This period of eight months was so much shorter than the 20 months it took for me to paint the first 100 paintings. Some of this was the start-up time and energy of the first 100. I had to set up my art studio, purchase supplies, and create some order and storage shelving. I was able to dive into the second hundred paintings with everything in place and, of course, with the momentum of having successfully created previously.

Here is a selection of paintings, in order that demonstrate the journey of these second hundred paintings.

Sometime after my first 60 paintings, I discovered the technique of pouring medium and became enamored with its infinite possibilities. It is present in almost all of this second series. Here I am combining pouring medium with other media (threads, raw wool, mylar, and found objects) and experimenting with the possibilities. That is a major commonality of this second series. I am allowing myself to explore one specific media in greater depth. I hadn’t realized that until I was gathering these photos for the retrospective blog.

Isobel and Ron with "Exquisite."

"Light through Trees" and "Subtle" with Peter.

Bill with "The Wave."

Laini with "Risking All."

Madonna with "The Flame."

"Climb Every Mountain" and "Journey On" with Phallon.

Alex with "Hidden Depths."

Aleza with "Coming Home."

Kevin with "Whisper."

Maria with "Playful."


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