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Sep_23 Retrospective: Paintings from 200 to 299

My 200th painting was created in April 2016 and my 299th painting in April 2017. This series took a full year to complete. So, I seem to be settling into a more balanced pace as art becomes an established part of my life.

Here is a sequential selection of paintings that demonstrate the journey of the third hundred paintings. I have inserted some text at #266 because that was a significant moment in my artistic development.

Cindy with "Streaming."

Dorothy with "World Peace."

Jane with "Stillness."

Wally with "Flight."

Kaitlin with "Beyond."

Joan with "Exploration."

Ruth with "Cascade."

Joel with "Welcoming the Unexpected."

I happily continued exploring the pouring medium technique but painting #266 (below) shows the entrance of a dramatic and exciting new medium - bleeding tissue paper. From this painting forward, I am exploring its many amazing qualities. It acts like watercolor paint and combines to make some wonderful blending. It produces delightful and sometimes unexpected outcomes. I continue to bring in all of the elements that I have previously worked with making my list of tools more complex and complete. Bleeding tissue paper is still a major component of almost all of the future paintings.

Wanda with "Omen."

Genelle with "Dancing Through the Darkness."

Catherine with "Day" and "Night."


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