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Oct_21 Spiritual Messages Record Keeping . . .

When I began painting, I didn’t realize that my guides who had accompanied me in my psychotherapy practice were guiding my hand in the art room. The paintings seems to flow effortlessly and joyously.

I had a similar experience as a psychotherapist. Early in my career, I would simply have a thought in my head that I would act on and it would turn out to be amazingly appropriate and uncannily accurate. For a long time I simply thought I was clever and good at my job. But then there was a dramatic shift and the messages came through much more powerfully and the manifestation was much more obvious - I would start channeling, or moving energy or other activities that were somewhat "out of the ordinary" and clearly recognizable as something beyond my personal skill set. I had no choice but to notice and acknowledge the presence of my guides and how they were supporting me. I had the additional good fortune of having group members who were developing their own spiritual gifts, who were able to tell me what they saw and experienced. The confirmation was there and although I don’t "see" my guides, others do. I mostly hear my guides, feel them and respond to their directions.

The realization that my guides were indeed helping me with my paintings came to me very slowly. They were using the medium of art to express universal life messages and bring them to life on canvas. There was no one in the room with me to confirm their presence, but the consistent responses of all of the people who looked at my canvases was that they felt deeply moved and touched by the experience of being with the various pieces of art. They felt called to certain ones and the paintings began to sell. People felt that there were messages in the paintings that were personally helpful to them.

When I did realize and accept the fact that my paintings were supported by Spirit, I still felt shy about admitting this to others. So I didn’t share with everyone what I now knew about the creation of each work. I was afraid that they would consider me an imposter, claiming something that I had no right to claim.

I am giving you all of this background information so that you can understand that it took me a long time to put on paper what I saw, felt, and knew about each creation. I started writing down these messages when I reached painting #164. Now it’s a regular part of my record keeping. I write down the message shortly after completing the painting. The process that I am going through in the creation of the painting is often mirroring the message that the painting is offering and I don’t want to forget that part of it.

I now share both the painting and my Spirit messages on Facebook. Many people have told me that they value these messages and that it adds to their appreciation of the painting. Of course, all people have their own relationship with art and sometimes their messages will be very different from the one that I receive. I’m definitely not a final authority. I am merely contributing from my personal experience and offering one perspective.

Below are a variety of paintings with the messages that I wrote down after their creation.


Glorious celebration and festive energy are expressed in this painting. Life is so precious and joyous and Spirit supports us. It’s good when we allow ourselves to feel the depth of our gratitude and joy and celebrate ourselves and our co-creation with Spirit.


The song lyric “All my trials Lord, soon be over” came to me at the end of the painting when I was inspired to put the dark shapes on top of the calm, peaceful creation. It speaks to me of how our life lessons come from the way we address life’s challenges. Our lives are not meant to be without darkness and painful issues. We can see the joy calling us as we work through these challenges. God’s love is always harkening us towards the light and love.

Hide and Seek

Sometimes we see/feel Spirit so clearly. Other times it’s like a game of "hide and seek." Spirit is always there and its evidence is around us. The energy of Spirit supporting us is always playful and childlike and appeals to our desire to engage.

Passing Through

As we travel through the jaws of life’s challenges and troubles, we can see the light ahead and know that we are just passing through. Our condition is not to always be in the grip of darkness. The light and our creativity will guide us onward on our truest path.

Fly Me to the Moon

This painting expresses the uplifting feeling of joy we experience when we’re in our hearts and feeling love. We can do anything, go anywhere, accomplish anything. We are held in love and everything is possible. Even though we are small, we are mighty.

Rebirth and Transformation

This painting captures the darkness and oppressive energy that we feel pressing down upon us during this time of the pandemic. We are being asked to move towards a rebirth of ourselves, our communities and our planet. The darkness is essential for the change ahead. The shape at the left holds a wolf, a snake and a bear within it. These animals are often considered dangerous, but like the darkness itself these animals are Spirit Guides for us and have power that we can harness. The orb at the bottom right has a fetus surrounded by gold and yellow. Spirit will help us with this birth and there is lots of love around us, acknowledging that this is not an easy challenge.


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