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Jul_21 Speaking About Feathers . . .

I have used feathers as part of my mixed media paintings from the very beginning. The connection to nature is important and each species has its own presence and energy. I thought I’d share some of the themes that appear when I use feathers in paintings.

Light as a feather . . .

A small light feather can convey the energy of lightness so elegantly. Here are several paintings where the feathers speak to the value and meaning of “lightness” in our lives. All of them reflect the sense of either lightly falling, or being blown by the wind, or of flowing with ease. All of these qualities are ones that remind us that we can embody this lightness of soul in our own lives, when it’s needed.

Light as a Feather

Summer Breeze

Free Spirits

Rising and Falling

Power conveyed in the energy of the feather . . .

In “Signs From Spirit,” we see raven feathers combined with the ancient runes as both of these have been historically used for divination. Here we are reminded of the history of the Raven as a messenger bird from Spirit.

In “Together Forever,” these two feathers, side by side, speak to the powerful bond of love and partnership that lasts forever. The strength of the feathers conveys the strength of the union.

In “Brave,” we feel the immense power emanating from these feathers, reminding us that when we embody the energy of the Raven, we are filled with that power within ourselves.

Specific bird feathers . . .

Peacock feathers are always associated with being dramatically visible and strutting their beauty. In “Coming Forth,” we are encouraged to step forward and be visible and claim our truth in a dramatic and powerful way. This message is often important for those who are uncertain, shy or fearful of being all that they can be. Here the peacock shows us the way to be elegant and seen simultaneously.

Cardinal feathers are also associated with visibility and yet their feathers are not as easily found. So this precious feather that I felt exceedingly lucky to find, in “Sky’s the Limit” reminds us that anything is possible if we take the risk to follow our dreams, even if it means standing out from the crowd as a distinct and visible individual.

Sparrows, on the other hand are a very common bird and it’s easy to find their feathers. This painting, however, is made using only the feathers of one fallen sparrow. In honoring that single bird, I felt like I was giving voice to the Biblical message that reminds us that God loves all creatures, and notices when even one Sparrow falls.


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