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Jul_23 Retrospective Begins with the First 100!

I commenced this recent period of painting in December 2013 and have completed 836 paintings to date. This number of paintings in nine and a half years feels like rather a huge accomplishment. I never set out to be prolific, it seems to be the nature of how I create.

I thought it might be interesting to look at the paintings from the 100s. This first set of paintings spans the time from December 2013 to August 2015. During these formative years, I was exploring all aspects of art, experimenting as I went. Here is a selection of paintings, in order that demonstrate the journey of these first hundred paintings.

Gitty and Joseph with #3 - "Facing the Past."

Robert with #7 - "Collage of Notes."

Emma with #14 - "Orbits."

Rebecca with #49 - "This Way" - and Judy with #21 - "Flare."

Birgit with #36 - "Bursting Forth."

Genelle with #52 - "A New Day." (encaustic painting)

Maria with #65 - "Golden Moon."

Kat and Jonathan with #70 - "Purification."

Raymond with #81 - "Limitless Possibilities."

Aline with #91 - "Transformation."

Eva with #99 - "Blue Moon Rising."

Can you see the commonality in these first paintings?

I was experimenting with various mixed media - raw unprocessed wool, pouring medium, threads, mylar painted with acrylic paint, encaustic painting, tissue paper, and image transfers. Many of these same techniques are still part of my art. As I look over this selection, I’m noticing the extensive variety of colors, textures, and media.

There is a vibrancy and exuberance that comes through in these earliest paintings that is refreshing to revisit!


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