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Jan_21 Similarities and Differences . . .

I decided to cut my bleeding tissue paper into some curved shapes. Here is a photo of the many sheets and shapes displayed on my art table waiting to be used.

Here are four paintings that are partly created. I used these pre-cut shapes in all of the 4 paintings below with very different results. I had them all displayed on the studio wall as I enjoyed looking at them and waiting for the next step in each one.

Here are the four completed paintings shown beside their unfinished version.

This first one’s called ‘Cycles of Change’ and has changed dramatically from the above photo. I’ve added threads and paint and petals and changed the orientation.

This painting is called ‘Forever Unfolding’ and has had some significant changes from the unfinished version. I added more of the tissue paper in blue tones, added paint and sparkle and changed the orientation.

This painting changed dramatically as I tore away some of the layers before adding the threads. My process matches the name of the painting which is "Throwing Caution to the Wind."

The next painting became more defined and dramatic with the addition of sparkles, and threads. It’s called "Wisdom Rising."

All four of these paintings employed the same basic element of the bleeding tissue paper cut in curved shapes. Yet the outcomes are so totally different in every possible way. I believe that it’s fair to say that we’re not limited by the elements we use. We’re only limited in the boundaries of our imagination.

Here is one last photo of a painting called "Treasures of the Deep" using these same tissue paper shapes. I didn’t catch an earlier photo of this one, but the completed photo shows one more example of the amazing differences that come out of some similar ingredients.


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