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Oct_20 Personal Paintings . . .

I believe that my paintings have been created for specific people and it’s wonderful to me when the mysterious connection reveals itself.

Recently I completed this painting and posted it on Facebook with the following message:

“This painting was slow in its birthing process. It's 20" in diameter and it's called 'Revelation.' It's process was fascinating. I would be given a clear idea of what to do and then when that step was finished, I waited until the next bit of insight. Each bit came, but there were pauses and periods of reflection. I knew that the painting was emerging and I didn't feel discouraged, just curious. So the name 'Revelation' came part way through the process, since I was so aware of each stage of the painting revealing itself to me. Enjoy!”

Little did I know that I was about to have a revelation come to me from one of my Facebook friends. Kathy contacted me to ask if the painting was for sale. She shared with me that:

“It spoke to me immediately, and I felt completely connected…and laughed out loud when I read your description of your process, and what you named it. Because it perfectly describes my ongoing relationship with this life stage I’m in!”

That’s when she explained that she had finally moved back to Maine after many years in NYC. She always intended to return to Maine and now that she has retired, she has moved there. This is the part that felt so significant. She shared:

“And, I have been needing something very special to both celebrate, and, acknowledge this HUGE life transition. I just didn’t realize what it would be until I saw your painting. Seems we were waiting for each other . . . ”

She has been very generous and allowed me to share some of her personal details that explain why this painting called to her. She had been living with a severe case of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and this is her story in her own words:

“I have been blessed with incredible therapists who have helped me to function....and to even blossom in certain parts of my life. However, I had never allowed myself to think about myself BEING JUST MYSELF . . . BEING just Kathy. Because, in my PTSD world, that was the most life threatening place to be. Until April of 2019, and as healings 'emerged,' I started thinking about 'just Kathy' without paralyzing fear, and with new ease slowly started to plan my retirement. And having never had a goal (outside of academics), I had one! I was returning to my birthplace, Maine by May 1, 2020, with the express purpose of being ‘just me.' Another first was that I found myself in a healthy place of feeling simply curious about what this person - devoid of degrees and work - would be like. This to me was a huge 'revelation' - that I could and should have a life in which I didn’t have to 'bring anything to the table,' where admission was free and where I was welcome empty handed.”

I do know that these paintings call out to people very strongly and sometimes I get to hear the details about it and sometimes I don’t. It’s always special to me when I get to know what is behind the ‘calling’. Sometimes people are just unable to give words to the pull they are experiencing. Sometimes they have the words and are reluctant to share. Kathy was able to eloquently share her reaction to the painting and why she felt compelled to purchase it at this time in her life.

This painting is now packaged and ready to be delivered to the Post Office and begin its journey to its new home with Kathy in her new residence, beginning a new phase of her life.

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