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Mar_21 "Perfect Match" . . . meant to be!

My massage therapist comes to our home to give both my husband and I our monthly massage. My paintings hang in the room where we receive our treatments and she often comments on the art work. She purchased a small painting that seemed to speak directly to her during one of our sessions.

The large painting that had been on the wall for a long time recently sold and we put another in its place. Below is the replacement painting that hung right in the area where she provided our treatment.

She was so totally taken with this new painting that she decided to purchase it for her clinic. Here we are after my massage just after she purchased the painting.

I was pleased as it was definitely one of my favourites and she promised to send me a photo of how the painting looked in her office. She spoke of how it would be perfect for her massage clinic wall. I had no idea just how perfect it was until she showed me the photos below. As you can see, it was almost as if the room was designed to match the painting. Interestingly enough, she had totally decorated the room before she purchased the painting. So the amazing match is totally "coincidence" . . . or as we might like to say "meant to be."


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