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Feb_21 Paradigm Shift . . .

This painting is 24" W x 30" L and is called "Paradigm Shift." There is a very interesting background story to this painting. When I was painting it the canvas was as shown below the entire time.

Often I will turn a canvas during the creation, but for some reason I was quite sure that the energy was coming from above - in a downward direction. I already had a title in mind for that orientation. When it felt complete, Paul came by and we started turning the painting in the four possible directions. We always do this process at the end to be sure that the painting is in the best direction possible. I was feeling pretty confident that we wouldn't be changing the direction, but I participated in our usual ritual. To my amazement, the painting needed to be in this new orientation - the one that is shown in the photo below. The energy of the painting changed dramatically with that change and both the painting and myself underwent our own "Paradigm Shift." That's how the name came to be. I personally had to have the sudden, unexpected and totally "right" experience in order to appreciate the painting and its message. So, I offer this to you today. Clearly the planet is undergoing a huge paradigm shift. Perhaps this painting will be helpful in having you orient yourself to what is and what will be taking place.

Here I am with the Paradigm Shift painting in its final orientation!


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