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Nov_21 Beth as Guest Blogger: Part One . . .

Susan Aaron and her art came into my life in 2014.

Now let me tell you a few things about me in 2014. I had, at best, a tenuous connection to Spirit. I had a tenuous connection to myself and to my intuition. I knew I hadn't an artistic bone in my body. I knew what I liked artistically, but I certainly couldn't create anything artistic.

As well, I was on a new and exciting journey of self-discovery and growth. I was a sponge. I wanted to learn, to grow, to become the best me I could be. As I grew, my world opened up. I believe it was because of this open mindset that I met Susan Aaron and her art when I did.

In Susan, and in her creations, I immediately saw, felt and believed in her connection to Spirit and her intuition. This sparked something in me. As I brought Susan's art into my home, I began to connect more deeply and more consciously to Spirit and to my own intuition.

My first purchase, "You Truly Are," spoke to me on many levels. And although the text collaged into this piece actually says "Both," I consistently read that word as "Beth." This painting speaks directly to me. When I begin to slip into the dark corners of my mind, this painting and its message are an affirmation reminding me “Beth, you are a light-bearer and a mirror that "Both" reflects and shines light into our dark places.”

"Whimsy" also supports me on my journey by bringing forth the energy of some of my Animal Guides. Depending on what's been happening in my life, this piece has brought me Bear, Whale, Seal, Horse, Wolf and Rabbit energies. Most fascinating to me is that I don't see each of those animals every time I look at this piece. I see the animal whose energy will support me at the time.

"Peek-a-Boo" represents to me a beautiful aspect of this personal journey I've been on, even before meeting Susan Aaron and becoming aware of her art. When I sit and meditate with "Peek-a-Boo," I see the tentative, scared bits of me peeking out at the new beginnings life is offering. Then I feel the joy that comes from seizing those opportunities, inviting in love and light.

"Rough Waters" grounds me. While I see the turmoil Susan depicted in this piece, for me, it is grounding comforting. When I reflect on this piece, the power of the ocean brings me an inner peace, and a powerful sense of connection with myself, with Spirit, with the element of water, and with Mother Earth. So, in fact, this painting comforts me when I find myself in "Rough Waters" in my life.

To date, I own seven of Susan's artworks. Each piece speaks to me in its own way and the messages each brings shift as I shift and grow. Working with these paintings in my home and as part of my daily meditation and self-care practice, I now have a deeper awareness of my connection to Spirit, and an ever-increasing confidence in my own intuition. Susan's art continues to play an integral role in my personal journey.


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