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Apr_21 My Personal Gallery of "Not For Sale" Paintings . . .

As I have continued to paint, I add a few new paintings to my own personal collection. In this way, my own home reflects my art over time.

I will start by showing you some of the earliest paintings that have strong sentimental value, since it reminds me of how this journey began. This first group of paintings range from January to August 2014. When I look at them, I am delighted with my sense of experimentation and courage to try new things.

Here I am with one of these earlier paintings that hangs above the fireplace in our bedroom.

The next three paintings cover the time period from July 2015 to October 2016. The first is an encaustic painting that I created when I took a course to explore other mediums. I used family photos as the base for this painting. Second, we see my early experimentation with silvery and shiny materials. The third painting is of great sentimental value since it depicts the score of a waltz that my Uncle Leon Zuckert wrote for me on my 16th birthday. There is an entire blog on this particular painting if you’re interested!

The next three paintings cover the period from October 2016 to October 2017. The first painting is very significant because it is the first one where I employed bleeding tissue paper. This medium has become central to my work. I love the water colour like blending of colours. One of my students brought this "new" paper to a class and I haven’t looked back. The other two paintings are variations and experimentations in using bleeding tissue paper. The third painting is called "Uplifting" and hangs over our couch in the living room. It is a constant source of joy and pleasure to both me and my husband.

These last two paintings are indicative of the period between April 2020 and the present. The first is called "Renewal" and is one that I just couldn’t part with. It speaks so strongly to me of regeneration and inspires me and fills me with hope. The second painting is called "Broken Sunrise" and is one my husband’s favourites. It speaks to his world view of glory from the heavens and imperfections of the earthly plane.

Our walls are becoming more filled with art, and so I will continue to selectively choose paintings for our personal collection . . . perhaps at a slower pace!

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