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May_22 Then and now . . .

Then . . .

These seven photos are among the first twenty that I created shortly after I re-discovered my passion for art in December 2013. They are shown here with their owners.

When I first began painting in my university years, I exclusively used oil paint. Since then, the landscape of paints and art products has exploded in variety and possibilities. I found myself in new uncharted territory. I deliberately set out to try every possible product in the acrylic paint world -combining whatever took my fancy. I had no previously imposed concepts of what was possible. I had no pre-conceived notions and so I felt unlimited, outrageous and expansive, every time I approached a canvas. That freshness and aliveness vibrates in each painting and I love that about these earliest works.

As you can see, these seven paintings represent a great period of exploration and discovery from the beginning of this journey.

Beth with "You Truly Are"

In addition to discovering the many qualities of acrylic paint, I added meaningful written notes to bring in the collage aspect of art. I’m using my favourite sunshine colours. I experimented with expanding my palette as I continued, but I began with what I loved most.

Robert with "Collage of Notes"

Here I enter more fully into collage, with a full background of written notes and clear acrylic pink wash on top for a sense of unity. Then I experimented with the transfer process, by transferring a self-portrait taken from a sketch book from my youth.

Charlotte with "Being Supportive"

Here, we see several new elements - drywall compound, painted wooden sticks, and a variety of threads. Each additional item felt like an amazing discovery. I was wondering “Can I actually add this to a painting? What are the limits? What will they contribute?”

Rita with "Soul Essence"

This is actually the very first painting that I sold. I had been in a creative flurry, never questioning where this was heading. But Rita fell in love with this painting and asked to purchase it. So that’s how I began to sell my art. The new element in this painting is acrylic inks. They added a new quality that I hadn’t experimented with previously.

Anna with "Beauty"

This painting was one of the first where I focused on layers. I was excited about the idea of colours peeking through and giving a richer fabric to the composition. I also introduced circles that continue to be a consistent theme in my paintings to this day.

Jan with "Splash"

In many ways this painting is both an exploration and a celebration of the variety of crackle products that are available for the purpose of adding texture and interest to paintings. I enjoyed having areas of large and small cracks as a foil to the solid non-cracked surfaces. I continued to explore the use of shimmering acrylic inks here as well.

Della with "Falling Spools"

The additional item here is wooden spools saved from my mother’s collection. My husband cut them in half so that they could be attached easily to the flat surface of the canvas. This is one of a very small number of paintings I created with spools. This painting has the largest number of spools in one creation.

Now . . .

Below are six very recent paintings that offer a useful comparison to the earlier works shown above. All of them employ bleeding tissue paper, which is the medium that I have used for several years and is now my primary material. I combine this with other items such as egg shells, angelica fibres, flower petals, painted mylar and silk scarves. I find that these combinations offer me endless creative possibilities. In contrast to the earlier works, I see a confidence born of experience that seems to have augmented the earlier wild and energetic enthusiasm. There is also a sense of purpose and determination that comes with the courage to take risks and act boldly that evolved out of practice.

Beth with "Finding the Path"

You might notice the unusual white specks flowing through the painting. These are egg shells. I found them while out biking on a nearby nature trail. The painting itself makes a bold dramatic statement with the reds and blues, at the same time offering subtle harmony. For me the egg shells give meaning and flow to the painting and give rise to the title "Finding the Path."

Susan with "Gentle and Kind"

I have included angelica fibres which I commonly use now to add accents of sparkle and delight. They provide an unexpected complement to the darker colours in the rest of the painting. They add the quality of grace that I believe is part of experiencing energy that is "Gentle and Kind."

Yehuda with "Flourishing Miracles"

Here we have the gentle, delicate rose petals providing the finishing touch to this rainbow coloured painting that is both bold and dramatic in its vibrant colours and it’s uncompromising presentation. Thus, it makes a powerful statement about what is possible in life.

Gillian with "Potential"

This painting uses the many shades of green complimented by accents of other colours. It’s a combination of bold and subtle. The painted mylar circles have become a regular feature of my paintings and bring in the presence of Spirit for me. I believe this painting speaks of a spiritual invitation to actualize our fullest potential possible.

Melinda with "Softly Rising"

This painting is more flowing and gentle than many of my paintings. I captured the softness with the smooth gentle curves and the pastel colours. These elements combine to create a quiet mood and rising energy that is powerful in its gentleness. Here the subtleness of the bleeding tissue paper is highlighted and the blending of colours is visible.

Maria with "Waves of Glory"

I find this painting bold, powerful and unapologetic in the colours and message. It’s strikingly strong and dramatic. The choice of so much vibrant gold is a courageous move and harkens back to the earlier paintings with its experimental bent. However, the quality of experience is also evident in this painting. The certainly, complexity and colour combinations speak to a history of working with this medium.


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