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Jun_23 Colors of the Rainbow: Violet!

The colour associated with the crown chakra is violet. The power of finding connecting to Spirit is intertwined with this colour. The energy and feelings associated with violet are universal consciousness, wisdom, unity, and self-knowledge. Here are the paintings that I have chosen either because violet is the predominant colour or because it is the main contrast colour. Is that the energy you feel when you see this art or is there another feeling or emotion that they evoke in you?

Sheila with "Portal."

Claidi with "Life’s a Ball."

Aline with "Journeying."

Jeanine with "Spacious," "Spin," and "Lighthearted."

Rita with "Being with the Flow."

Amanda with "Direction."

Linda with "Awe and Wonder."

This is the last in the "Rainbow" blog series. Next month, I will begin a journey through my entire collection of paintings from the beginning to the present.

I look forward to sharing those with you!


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