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Jun_22 Susan and Paul . . .

Recently my artist niece was visiting and commented on a small painting - "Broken Sunrise" - that has a prominent place in our kitchen. It is one of Paul’s favourites! He likes the juxtaposition of the dark and the light and the angular, jagged shapes contrasting with the delicate blend of colours. These are the very qualities that made me hesitate on completion of this painting - wondering if it was indeed completed and if it was too "harsh." Paul assured me that this painting had value and an important message. He has since asked that it be one that we keep in our private collection.

Broken Sunrise

After my niece had put down "Broken Sunrise," I pointed to a very recent painting of mine that is one of my favourites - "Discovery." The contrast between the two was immediately evident. She was quick to notice that this one was cheerful, round with no jagged edges and only a hint of darker contrast. This painting so much reflects my personality and world view.


Since she knows us both so well, she was able to make the observation that our world views, attitudes about life and personalities are inherent in our choices. We are amazingly compatible as a couple and yet we retain our distinct and separate selves and these are reflected in our choices.

Susan with the two paintings!


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