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Dec_22 Interesting Omission . . .

I was re-reading October’s blog in readiness for writing December’s blog. I realized with great surprise, that I hadn’t actually included the spiritual message that went with the painting "All of Me." It was this message that inspired the changes I was able to make that I spoke about in that blog. So, I realized that this "interesting omission" was reflecting my deep struggle to show the world "All of Me." So the message of the painting continues to speak to me in my life.

Here is the message:

I stand before you showing you all of me - allowing my light and love to shine through fully and completely. I won’t diminish my light in anticipation of possible judgment or criticism. This possible response is not a sufficient reason to be less than I am. I will instead remember that you too are an embodied spirit with the capacity to join me in being all of who you are, even if you’re unable to do so at some moments in time.

In re-reading this message, it became clear that this is a strong statement of intent for the rest of my life. It’s easier to read today than it was in August when I first created the painting and finally wrote down the message. It’s easier to live in this empowered place. I know that people who love me want nothing less for me than to live fully in this open and trusting manner.

Since I have put the spiritual messages on each and every painting, I have received very positive responses. The Beach Studio Tour took place over 2 days and many of the folks who came through enjoyed reading the messages and commented on how much it added to their experience. I’ve become less shy about having the messages so visible. An unexpected consequence is that former purchasers have asked me to send them the messages that go with the paintings they had bought in the past. So, clearly many people are wanting to know what I, as the artist, experience in relation to each piece of art I create.

This feels like a perfect note to end 2022 on. I wish each and every one of you a blessed and joyous new year. May you find the courage to continue to show all of who you truly are and allow the world to be a better place because of this.


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