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Dec_21 Beth as Guest Blogger: Part Two . . .

At roughly the same time as Susan Aaron and her art came into my life, so did opportunities to explore my own creativity.

Remember, in 2014, I knew, without a doubt, that I had no artistic ability whatsoever. Remember, too, I had embarked on a new journey of self-discovery.

The more I grew, the more I opened my mind to new possibilities. To my own surprise, I began to dabble in a variety of art forms. I started with a Paint Night, I Googled to "How to do Zentangle," I took a number of workshops at a local studio - The Livingroom Community Art Studio - and I took a workshop - Rise Up! Rise Up!—Express Your Spiritual and Creative Self Workshop - with Susan Aaron.

Opening my mind to the possibility that I might be able to create art was a game changer! Working with Susan in October 2016 at a workshop where I was encouraged to trust my intuition was another game changer!

I already understood from falling in love with Susan's body of work that for me, art went well beyond technique and skill. Art connects me to Spirit and to myself and to intuition.

By the time I arrived in Susan Aaron's workshop, I had acquired some art knowledge and techniques. Working with Susan showed me that I, too, could invite "spirit" to work with me in my artistic endeavours. I began to listen to my intuition. These shifts freed me to step away from what a piece SHOULD look like. The more I tuned into "spirit" and followed my intuition, and the more I experimented with new techniques and materials, the more joy I experienced in the artistic process. Interestingly, the more I have enjoyed the process of creating, the more others have connected to my works.

These days, I'm drawn to create mixed media pieces. Some of the things I like to incorporate are acrylic painting, inks and collage.

Recently, I was a featured artist in the Peggy's Cove Area Art Studio Tour. I needed to develop an Artist's Statement for that event. I believe this statement reflects the influence Susan Aaron has had on my art journey, so I'd like to share my Artist's Statement with you here:

The artistic process is a fascinating, intuitive process for me. It's a dialog between me and my canvas. Along the way I discover wonderful surprises by following the piece to where it wants to go and what it wants to be.

I love intense colours and the impact of strong contrast between colours. I am called to incorporate many varied textures and materials in my pieces. (And I'm always excited to find new materials and techniques!)

My artistic goals are simple: to experience joy in my creative process and to spark joy in the viewer.

The Peggy’s Cove Area Art Studio Tour was the first time I had a solo show as an artist. My hope was that my art would touch some of the people who dropped by. Over the three days, I did receive beautiful feedback from visitors about how my pieces spoke to them and touched their hearts. As well, I sold 12 pieces that weekend! Needless to say, my success exceeded my wildest expectations!

And today, I am proud to call myself an artist. Above are some of my paintings.

Beth with Linda who is the new owner of "Thinking of You."


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