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Aug_20 Dealing with the unexpected . . .

In May 2017, I created a painting called "Once Upon a Time." It was a vibrant painting with bold colours. Sometime in 2019, a "New-Age" store in the neighbourhood asked if they could have several of my paintings on display on consignment. The owners came to my gallery and this painting was one of the chosen ones. I was delighted with the choice and enjoyed seeing it in the window as I passed by. In March 2020, they returned the painting to me. Due to the pandemic, they were forced to close their brick and mortar store and switch to on-line sales. It had been a good exchange of energy and I was nevertheless delighted to have the painting back.

Once Upon a Time

I didn’t look closely at the painting immediately. It wasn’t until I went to hang it in my gallery that I noticed that the painting had faded dramatically during its time at the store. I hadn’t given its position in the window much thought. But the sun had seriously impacted the strength and potency of the colours. I had the original painting back, but it was not as it had been.

Once Upon a Time (faded)

My first reaction was to gesso over the canvas and paint over it. Then I spent some time looking at the painting and realized that, although it didn’t have the "punch" of the original, it had some very lovely subtleties that weren’t present before. So I wrestled with the question of "what to do?"

I have decided to keep the painting and sell it in its new form. I debated the ethics of selling a different painting than I had originally created. But I could also debate the truth that nature had changed the painting and perhaps this form is the one that is best.

I had included this painting in my Oracle Deck of 44 paintings. This is what I had written about its meaning. It seems to me that the meaning still holds true, even though the painting (story) had altered.

If we were to write our life story as a fairy tale with ourselves as the protagonist, what would that tale sound like? Can we take a step back and see this as our spiritual journey where we write a new chapter each day? Perhaps we give ourselves amazing challenges, that although we struggle mightily, we succeed anyway since we learn and grow from the experience. Can we love every moment of our story and appreciate our dedication to the journey? What if this life is our story and we are the author co-creating an amazing adventure with Spirit?

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