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Apr_20 Commissions . . .

I have enjoyed a variety of commissions in my career. Each brings with it certain challenges.

The first type of commission is basically free range. I have a client I know very well and she wanted me to think of her and her energy while I was painting to create something that was uniquely her. She wouldn’t restrict me to size or colour or shape. This was both liberating and terrifying at the same time. After calming myself and reminding myself that she didn’t have to accept my creation - she had the right of "first refusal" - I was able to proceed. This is the painting and she enthusiastically accepted it.

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The second type of commission is the exact opposite of the first. The clients absolutely loved a painting that I had already created and sold. They wanted one "just like that one." I told them that I could create something similar, but it wouldn’t be an exact replica. They both agreed. Since the paintings were close to the original, there was no question about whether they would purchase the piece of art.

Here are the two examples of "duplication" commissions:





The next type of commission is more specific. As a wedding gift, a couple wanted a black and white painting with a symbolic red line threading through it. They also requested a round canvas. Because it was such a special occasion, I again needed it to be something that they truly loved. I am more comfortable with blazing colours and less familiar and comfortable with black and white with just a touch of colour. Here is the painting and I am delighted to report that they loved it entirely!

The Red Thread

This next commission was similar to the one above in that there was a very specific theme. The patron wanted a "Phoenix Rising" and gave me a sample of a painting that he loved. He wanted something similar. Here is that sample:


This commission had the additional challenge of being a "realistic" subject, again something I’m not comfortable with. I accepted the challenge only after making him promise that if he didn’t like it, he wasn’t obligated to purchase it. Here is the painting I created and he loved it as well. He appreciated my interpretation of Phoenix Rising and found meaning in the way that I created it.

Phoenix Rising

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