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Nov_19 Naming Paintings continued . . .

Sometimes a title is reflective of the process that I went through as an artist during the creation of the painting.

Spritz of Joy

This painting is made with every colour available in bleeding tissue paper. I created it after restricting myself to only using black and white for the purpose of entering a painting competition that specifically restricted entries to these two colours. After I completed those two entries, I could barely contain my enthusiasm to once more play with a variety of colours. This painting was the direct result of coming out of my self-imposed limitation of colour. For me personally it represented a "Spritz of Joy."

Falling into Place

This painting was largely finished, but I knew that something more was needed. Then my orchid plant dropped its first flower. Those petals were just what I needed to completed the painting. The petals literally "Fell into Place" to give the painting even more meaning.

Anything Goes

This painting has many, many, many, layers. I kept painting over what I had just done. Normally this process would have me questioning my painting abilities. Somehow I felt very light in spirit during this and I let myself delight in these various attempts, trusting that somehow it would all work out and that there was a reason for this process. It finally all came together and it was clear to me that by trusting all of my attempts I was embodying the concept of "Anything Goes" and that had to become to title of this painting.

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