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Oct_19 Naming Paintings

I personally take great delight in giving each painting a name. I have had many people tell me that the names give the painting an extra depth. They will often look at the painting, have their own personal reaction and then see the title that I have given it. Often they take delight in having had the same "felt experience" that the name conveys. Here are some examples of paintings that fit into this category . . .



Facing Fears


Cycle of Life

Then there are titles that give the viewer a different perspective than what they might have first perceived . . .


Uphill with Ease

Flight of the Dragons

There is a third category of titles that have meaning for me as the artist and, unless explained, wouldn’t necessarily make sense to the viewer.

The Great Octopus

For example, this painting is called "The Great Octopus." Once you see the title you might see the various tentacles. But you wouldn’t know that I "saw" this very image when I was channeling to one of my psychotherapy groups. I was delivering a message about how we often feel alone and disconnected, and yet we’re like the tentacles of a great octopus . . . connected even if we can’t see or feel the body that unites us.


Not everyone has experience with the indigenous practice of cleansing a space by burning sage. For those not familiar with this practice, they wouldn’t recognize that this painting resembles the smoke rising while smudging.

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