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Sep_18 How I came to create my Guiding Images Oracle Deck . . .

There has been a consistent guiding force in my life and that has been my students and clients. I first observed this when I was a high school teacher. I was teaching grade 9 and 10 art at school where the art program stopped at grade 10. My students got together to ask me if I would ask the Board of Education if we could add grades 11 and 12 art to the school curriculum with me teaching those grades. This was my first experience of having my students give me my next direction. The request was granted.

In my next career as a psychotherapist I was independently approached by a number of my clients. These were all psychotherapists themselves who wanted to learn the bodywork and emotional release techniques that I had been using in my therapeutic work with them in their private sessions. I created a ten week course and it filled quickly. This was the beginning of my program called Psychodramatic Bodywork®. It was only because they asked that I found myself creating this method in an organized workshop format. After completing the first workshop those who attended asked when I was offering the next level…and so it continued so that now I have grown this course and offer, Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced and Graduate level programs.

This leads me to the Guiding images Oracle Deck. I had been painting for a couple of years and was delighted to have my art very well received by everyone who saw it. At this point one of my students contacted me to say that her Spirit Guide asked her to pass on a message that my paintings would be perfect for an oracle deck, benefitting many people. I was very touched by the message but at that time felt too shy and insecure about my art to manifest this suggestion. Several months passed and then three more people independently delivered the same message. I realized that it was time to take this direction seriously and once more trust the guidance given to me from this familiar source.

The process of making the deck was also interesting. I needed a photographer who could take quality pictures and I needed a graphic designer who could help me place these different sized and orientated paintings onto a standard size card. These two people fell into my life easily and effortlessly. After persistent Google searches I found a local printer who was able to make a quality product for me.

The tasks that were exclusive to me were selecting the paintings and writing the messages that would go into an accompanying booklet. I asked my guides to work closely with me so that I would make the best possible decisions and that too flowed with ease.

So, now the deck exists. I’ve already gotten feedback that the cards and messages have been very helpful to many people. Some have asked a question and gotten an answer from the deck that was useful. Others picked a card to guide them through their day. I am touched that these paintings that would normally only be seen by a few people are now available to many, so that the spiritual messages can have a more expanded reach. The Guiding Images Oracle Deck may be ordered at my online store along with a Set of Ten Greeting Cards

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