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Dec_18 Bleeding tissue paper - one of my favourite elements!

Two years ago I was introduced to bleeding tissue paper by one of my students. She brought it with her to a painting workshop since I had encouraged everyone to bring what they felt called to bring as an act of spontaneity.

I started playing with the sheets of colour and found them fascinating. They have the blending qualities of water colours and the flexibility and fun of tissue paper. It was love from the start.

#266 Wisdom and Wishes

My first work was ‘Wisdom and Wishes’. It was the beginning of my exploration of blending in this way. This is a very simple painting and yet so powerful. I have chosen to keep this in my personal collection for those reasons. I thought that I might get tired of this medium after a while, but here it is two years later and it still calls to me. Here are a few of the more recent works and I think you can see the development in exploration.

#403 Timeless

In this painting I’m incorporating the tissue paper with other mediums, threads, mylar, inks. They all work together so powerfully in this timeless creation.

#423 Down to Earth

This painting also incorporates other items like mylar, a feather , plastic shiny fibres and rose petals. By keeping the two strips of bleeding tissue paper as the only tissue paper it makes a powerful statement. In the process, I had laid down other colours over top but lifted them off quickly so that there would only be a gentle impression of greens and reds and yellows left behind.

#424 In the Gloaming

"In the Gloaming" is primarily tissue paper with the addition of some elegant paper that shows only very subtly. If you look closely especially at the bottom you can see a circle that extends near the outside of the painting except for the left side where it runs off the canvas.

#442 Variance

This painting uses the tissue paper primarily as a background with other media over top. There are gold threads, mylar with ink and paint on it as well. The delicate nature of the tissue paper is contrasted beautifully with the sharper more distinct lines of the other materials.

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