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Aug_18 More examples of "found objects" . . .

One of my favourite found objects is a rusty lid I found on the beach at the cottage we were renting. I was part way through a painting that was using gold and silver paper with poured medium on top. The rusty lid fascinated me because it was such a contrast to the shiny gold and silver. I cleaned the beach sand off of the lid and it looked perfect on the canvas. Here is Gold, Silver and Rust.

On a walk by my home I discovered a piece of twine. By unraveling it and gluing it on the canvas, along the left hand side, it took on a different life. It looks somewhat like seaweed. This painting is called Diving Deep.

I normally purchase doggy waste bags in rolls. Inside the roll is a round black plastic tube. I started saving those tubes and eventually sewed them on this canvas called Walking the Walk. . The first painting I’m showing you is the canvas with just the black tubes sewn into place. I also used scrabble letters from of a very old scrabble set. Plus the circle on the right and the two at the bottom left are actually rings of plastic off of various containers. I like using these items that would otherwise find their way into the trash. The painting benefits and I’m recycling at the same time. This painting is called Walking the Walk.

The next example of found objects is dried plants. This first painting is called Blaze of Glory and in it you’ll find dried Queen Anne’s lace, which I’d had for many years. The next painting called Fantasy you’ll notice dried Geranium petals. I believe that both these paintings are enhanced by these natural found objects.

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