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Jan_23 Colors of the Rainbow: Red!

I decided to explore each of the colours of the rainbow beginning with red. These are also the colours of the chakras with the base chakra being red. Here is a selection of my (mostly) red paintings with their spiritual messages. All of my paintings have a variety of colours. Here I have selected those that have a primary or significant presence of this colour.

Do you see any themes that are shared by all of these paintings? I see love and matters of the heart, aliveness, fire and a focus on being grounded.

Fire and Water

The passion and movement of fire are met with the depth and power of water. These elements are in deep harmony since we need them both to flourish. The orbs are the presence of spirit as these two great forces work together for our highest good.


Playful, dancing moving, impish, cheeky, moving towards the light and feeling the pull.


The entire universe is in a state of harmony that is not always obvious to us in our daily lives. Large and small, everything is moving together towards our highest good as individuals and as the planet and universe. Even when there is chaos and confusion, underlying all is a deep sense of calm and harmony. It’s wonderful when we can tap into that and many people find this through meditation.

One Fallen Sparrow

In this beautiful world of love that we live in, even one sparrow falling is felt and noticed. We all matter. We all contribute and even though we might feel insignificant, like a sparrow, we are indeed hugely important. We reflect the larger truth of how large and all-encompassing God’s love is and how we are all tenderly held on our journeys. Each one of us has an impact beyond what we can know or imagine.

Drawn to the Love

There is an enthusiastic and joyous movement towards love. Love is calling to us and orbs are guiding the way. There is a clear passage forward and there is a clear invitation to move quickly and happily towards the light and love, which is our birthright

Bursting Forth

Here we see a bursting forth out of the egg to launch on the journey of life. The first stage of life is to break out of the safe nurturing container and move forth. There is fiery enthusiasm and passion for the many possible paths that we might take. May we remember today our own courage and determination that we muster as we move beyond our own safe containers and venture forth into our unknowns that we feel called to explore.


It is such a blessing to bask in the unconditional love of Spirit. We can always count on this energy to support and guide us. As humans, we have our moments of embodying unconditional love and we strive and succeed in this in many of our relationships. When we fall short of this lofty goal, it’s good to return to the unlimited supply of this energy to replenish ourselves and then offer this to others.


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