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Nov_22 How the Spiritual Messages were received . . .

Since the August art show at Essentia was the first time that spiritual messages were attached to the art, I thought it would be important to know how that change impacted people who visited the show. The responses were varied as you might imagine.

Here are several responses along with some photos of the people gathered at the event . . .

The spiritual messages really added to my appreciation of your art. Not so much as an “interpretation” but rather the “inspiration” for the art. I thought the messages were very well-written as they clearly conveyed your intention but also, they were inclusive messages of positivity that didn’t just reflect your own thoughts as the artist, but you used pronouns like “we” and “our” so the positivity and opportunity for reflection involved the viewer/reader. I think the messages elevate the art and take it from a visual (and sometimes tactile) experience and make it more holistic.

Another person commented that she enjoyed picking her favorite paintings and then reading the messages because they told her something about herself and her choices.

I found the spiritual messages to be thought-provoking, and to be a definite positive touch. I did read most of the messages, and I considered them to be an extra benefit to having a painting. But the message attached to the painting that I purchased did not influence my decision. The painting said "buy me" as soon as I looked at it and before I read its message.


I’m surprised! I didn’t notice them at all!! It would have been interesting to see another angle on what was associated with the pictures in your mind, but my focus is always on the visual.


The messages connected to the work offered me validation and perspective. I was pleasantly surprised when I read the message after looking at the piece, reading what I felt was mirrored in the message! After reading the message, I would look at the piece again, and see something new! The messages give the work greater depth and meaning, and you leave feeling you’ve learned something new about yourself.

Several people shared that they didn’t resonate with the spiritual messages, and stated that the messages neither added nor detracted from the paintings. One of these people, who has purchased several paintings, stated that what’s most important to her is how the painting speaks to her and not to the artist.

Susan’s unique idea of posting a spiritual message beside each painting is something I love. Why? Because it adds another dimension to the art. Instead of experiencing only the aesthetics of the art, I also get to ponder on the artist’s experience of the painting - a double benefit! It’s like seeing with binocular vision instead of flat


I really loved the messages. It would definitely contribute to my decision of which painting to purchase. It makes the experience even more special.


I’ve always found Susan’s paintings have “spoken to me." Within each unique piece of artwork, the colors, textures, and shapes would beckon me to bring it to my home. I am fortunate to have acquired a small collection of Susan’s paintings and each one has had a message just for me. While perusing Susan’s recent art exhibit, I recognized some beautifully familiar pieces, only this time, each one had a spiritual message attached. Not only was I drawn to particular works of art, but reading the special spiritual message with each, allowed me to delve deeper into myself for that moment in time. There was a relationship that was created between the painting, the artist, and last, but not least, my inner being. These lovingly and creatively written messages sent me away from Susan’s exhibit feeling as though I had learned just a bit more about myself, with the gentle surprise of feeling lighter and more connected with my soul.

One woman who purchased a painting shared that she enjoyed reading many of the messages. She knew that she wouldn’t choose a painting based on the message, but if she didn’t connect to the message then that would be a deterrent to her from choosing that particular painting.


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