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Aug_21 A Sense of Flow . . .

In November 2020, I found myself drawn to creating wavy lines of mylar which I painted gold, silver, turquoise and yellow. Then they found their way onto a variety of paintings from November through all of April 2022. Looking back, it’s clear that this started when the constraints of Covid 19 were becoming extremely difficult. We were all locked in during the winter months and into Spring. Things started to lift in April when we could finally be outdoors and start tasting freedom again.

When I look at this collection of paintings that include these mylar lines, I realize that there was a "sense of flow" that I was missing in the world and that is what I was bringing into these paintings.

Here are the first four in this "flow series." Their names are: "Boldly Outward," "Outward," "Ripples," and "Endless Flow." Clearly, I was calling upon the opposite energy of stagnation to lighten my mood. I needed to be connected to movement and action during this lengthy period of confinement.

In December, I created "Receiving From Above." To me, I am asking Spirit to send us more love to guide us through this time of limitations. Was there a divine purpose to these limitations? Was there some reason to slow down so that we could receive guidance that we had been too busy to hear? Did we need to stop in our tracks so that we would be still enough to notice what we needed to know?

There were hopeful and comforting paintings that came through in December and January when we were in the darkest time of the year. In "Universe in Harmony," we are reminded that even though we are feeling fear, and caught up in a pandemic, there is still an overriding harmony in the universe.

In "Together Forever," we are reminded that love is forever and even if those we love are taken from us during this time our love is everlasting.

"Bountiful" is a powerful depiction of the abundance of love, joy and light that Spirit sends forth to us every day. We are reminded that we are blessed and have much to be grateful for, even during this challenging period on the planet.

These next three paintings were created in April. They show the beginning of life returning and enriching us all. The first one is called "Fresh Start," the second is "Today I will Sparkle and Shine,"and the third is "Melodious." We are being asked to celebrate new life in our bodies and sing again. We are coming out of the long period of shut down and are being invited to step past our fears and confinement and enter life and aliveness anew.

These flowing lines brought me through the most difficult period of the shut down and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to bring all of these messages to light.

Here is the commission piece that I created in February that has all of the colours coming forth with joy and enthusiasm. It’s energy carried me though that dark month.


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