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May_18 Meaningful objects transformed . . .

I had a profound experience of healing after my mother died. I had some items of her clothing in my cupboard, specifically two shawls (one black and one white). My relationship with my mother was very difficult. After she passed I was able to use my experience of painting to work through some of my unprocessed feelings. At first I was unsure of what do with the shawls. I felt compelled to unravel both of them and I used the wool as a basis for several paintings. The first one is called Triumph of Passion and it represents my fierce and long standing battle with my mother.

The second painting is called Transformation. I used both the black and the white strands and created a sense of harmony that felt very satisfying.

The third painting is called Forgiveness. I feel that during the process of this painting I found a sense of peace and forgiveness for both of us. It was a joy to allow my creativity to guide me towards the healing that I needed.

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